About us

About Obxerve

Obxerve is an independent UK based clothing company formed by two brothers with avid interests in art and fashion. One night, having scoured the internet for hours looking for shirts that conformed with our sense of style, we were left both disheartened and empty-handed. At this point we said, "If we can't find what we want, why don't we just make what we want?". And thus, Obxerve was born.

We are focused on producing high quality stylish oversized T-shirts that are unisex and in both a minimalist and a bold aesthetic. Here at Obxerve we value clothing as if it were a part of our body. Your style, your personality, your identity... it's an extension of yourself. It's a window into your character. Whether you want to rock monochrome, a fresh white tee or make a statement, we want to be that shirt that helps say "This is me. This is my look. I'm owning it".

We've tried and tested shirt quality and fit from numerous suppliers in order to provide the best quality product as possible. All the designs are created in house with T-shirts being manually printed by us. Quality and customer satisfaction is always our utmost priority, and something we will never stop striving to improve on. We hope we can be that brand that saves you from the endless scrolling of clothing site after clothing site that we never found. We wish that you join us on our journey and observe us as we evolve into the company that weary internet travellers can take refuge in.